Testimonials From Past Clients

Having unsuccessfully tried to lease my Rosedale condo for three months an acquaintance got me in touch with Remax’s Angela Schutz, on the basis of favourable dealings she had had with her. I am very glad she did: the condo was leased two days after she had listed with MLS, at an optimum rent to what appears to be an optimum tenant.

The moment I met Ms. Schutz I was impressed by her competence and professionalism and the drive and commitment with which she took on my project, very much as her project. Her advice on staging, and help in finding a stager were much appreciated, as were such above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty touches as watering the plants, turning the air conditioner on and off and, especially, producing, as a gratis service for possible future use, an attractive brochure on my condo, from the photographs that had been taken for the MLS advertisement. My sense, on meeting her and hiring her services, that everything was in good hands, was confirmed by the excellent outcome. I found her to be a superb real estate agent and would recommend her unreservedly.

Mathias G.

Looking back, I would have to give Angela a lot of the credit for the flawless execution of the selling of our house.  We had previously worked with her for the purchase of a condo.   Her professionalism and savvy impressed us so much that we wanted her to handle our house sale.

What struck me most about the process of the selling of our house were the mini deadlines that Angela would set along the way.  Fortunately she was completely understanding when we needed to push back some of those deadlines because we weren’t quite ready.

The first step was the home stager.  Although we had a pretty good idea what a house should look like for an Open House, we did nonetheless benefit from the suggestions made that day.

Secondly, she had a floor plan of the house drawn up to include with the real estate brochure.  She even asked us if we wanted some input into the layout of the brochure.  This proved to be fun and worthwhile since we were able to select a style that suited our house.  She had 2 sizes of brochures made up, an MLS sheet with the floor plan and postcards with photos of the house which were placed in mailboxes in the vicinity a few days before the Open House.  She even suggested that we provide her with a list of house features since we had done extensive renovations and she had a glossy Feature Sheet available at the Open House.

Thirdly she arranged and paid for a home inspection from Carson Dunlop (a well-known and reputable company).  In the current hot seller’s market this proved to be invaluable, as it eliminated any concern on the buyer’s part of putting in an offer without the time to have their own home inspection done.

Next she booked top-notch real estate photographer Samantha Keay.  When Angela dropped by the evening before the photo shoot to lend us a chair for the staging, she asked us if we wanted to postpone the shoot until the afternoon.  A quick phone call later and we could breathe a sigh of relief.  Angela saw that we needed the extra time and her empathy was much appreciated.  The photo shoot was lots of fun and Samantha’s enthusiasm and talent provided us with fantastic photos that showcased our home.

The rest of the process was a whirlwind.  Angela had an office tour for her real estate office the morning the “For Sale” sign was placed on our lawn.  The listing had appeared on MLS the evening before.  Within hours the appointments to view the house started rolling in.  The following day she had a lunch for other real estate agents.  She provided the most delicious homemade soup.  I forgot to mention that she dropped off some homemade soup for us during the photo shoot.  If you’ve ever sold your house, you know that you tend to forget to eat.  The online advertising, word of mouth advertising etc. all worked because we had a lot of traffic through our home even in the days leading up to the Open House.  All of the visiting agents were very respectful as our home was left as they found it.

Unlike other real estate agents who hold a 2 hour Open House, Angela and her assistant held an Open House between 1 pm and 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.  Since I work nearby I could see the number of people coming to the Open House.  The neighbours and I were extremely impressed.  The online photos had piqued peoples’ curiosity and the house did not disappoint.  The appointments to view the house continued before and after the Open House.  It turned out that the eventual buyer had visited the Open House and had spoken to Angela at length.

Angela’s strategy was to hold off offers until the Monday evening after the Open House.  This allowed the maximum number of prospective buyers to view the house.  This strategy resulted in 10 very good offers.  My husband and I had never been in this situation before and we have to say that the manner in which Angela conducted this 3 hour process was both professional and considerate to all involved.  By the end of the evening we had sold our house for more than the asking price and we could celebrate the end of one chapter in our lives and the beginning of the next.  It was also great to meet the new owner and know that our house was going to continue to be loved and would be a home to a wonderful family.

David and Wendy (Teske) McClean